Qormi Daikin 4 – 1 Floriana Young Stars

For this top of the table match Qormi had back in the line up Defenders Dimech and Gatt, whilst had missing Micallef and also lost Aquilina after last week injury during the match against Sliema.

Young Stars started off like a house on fire, winning four penalty corners in the first eight minutes but not taking advantage of any of them. On 10 minutes they were caught out in a counter attack, Grixti crossed into the dee and Ayrton Falzon dribbled past 3 players and slotted home to send Qormi into a 1–0 lead. On 15 minutes from a short corner action, Floriana keeper saved a Thomas DeGiovanni shot with Steve Tanti bouncing on the rebound and added to Qormi’s tally sending them 2–0 up. To their credit Young Stars continued to apply pressure on the Qormi rear guard, but on 31 minutes it was Qormi who fluffed an easy scoring opportunity. Two minutes before half time Steve Tanti grabbed his second and his team’s third giving them a commanding lead. Few minutes later, Qormi where unlucky not to increase the lead, when Thomas DeGiovanni hit the post with a feverse hit from the top of the Dee.

Qormi went further ahead when on 40 minutes they were awarded a penalty stroke and Juan Sarcia slammed the ball high into the net to increase his team’s lead to 4–0. On 52 minutes Floriana YS reduced the arrears to 4-1 as a result of a penalty corner action but as the clock wound down the clear chances still fell to Qormi as the Young Stars defence opened up in their efforts to reduce the score. This victory has catapulted Qormi into the first place of the league table at the end of the first round with 2 points over Floriana YS and 4 over Sliema.

Staring Line up: S.Mifsud, K.Grixti, G.Dimech, A.Cauchi, J.Sarcia, J.Aquilina, Z.DeGiovanni, K.Calleja, T.DeGiovanni, S.Tanti,, A.Falzon.

Subs: J.Farrugia, C.Gatt, J.Williams, K.Bajada, S.Dimech.


Qormi Daikin 4 – 2 Sliema Hotsticks

Sparks fly whenever these two sides meet and today was no exception. After a studious start by both sides, when close man to man marking produced disjointed moves in midfield, no team gained the upper hand.

On 17 minutes the game suddenly came to light when Hotsticks were awarded a penalty stroke which they netted from the spot to send his team 1–0 up. Qormi reacted strongly winning two penalty corners on 22 minutes and only being denied thanks to some timely saves by the Hotsticks custodian. On 30 minutes Zachary DeGiovanni scored as a result of a penalty corner action to equalize for Qormi. Just before the half time whistle blew Qormi were awarded a penalty stroke for a foul in the Dee on Keith Bajada, and Keith Calleja drove home from the spot to send his team into a 2-1 lead.

Barely a minute into the second half, Steve Tanti, Qormi’s skipper, blasted home to send his team into a 3-1 lead. Qormi continued to dominate at this stage, but Hotsticks true to their salt, fought back and pressed hard to claw back into the game. On 57 minutes they were awarded avery dubious penalty stroke and the Sliema player converted from the spot to reduce Qormi’s lead to 3–2. On 60 minutes they were denied an equaliser when Joseph Cuschieri saved a certain goal when he pushed the ball off the dreaded line with his goalkeeper well beaten. Hotsticks continued to apply pressure but Qormi fell deep into defence to fend off their insistent attacks depending on fast counter attacking moves. On 65 minutes Qormi were awarded a penalty corner and Zachary DeGiovanni was first to follow up a rebound and scorefor a 4–2 victory.

Starting Line Up: S.Mifsud, J.Williams, J.Aquilina, A.Cauchi, J.Sarcia, J.Cuschieri, Z.DeGiovanni, K.Calleja, T.DeGiovanni, K.Micallef, A.Falzon.

Subs: J.Farrugia, K.Grixti, K.Bajada, S.Dimech, S.Tanti


Qormi Daikin 2 – 1 White Hart

Qormi Daikin scored two goals in as many minutes very early in the match and this conditioned the outcome as White Hart faced an uphill task from then onwards. On 8 minutes Thomas Degiovanni shot Qormi into a 1-0 lead with a crisp shot from the top of the D and within two minutes Ayrton Falzon doubled their lead hitting home from the far left side of the D. Qormi kept up the pressure on White Hart’s defence but did not avail themselves of another four penalty corner opportunities up to halftime.

The second half continued in the same vein but White Hart came out of their defensive shell more often counterattacking on the occasions they won the ball back in their defensive positions. Qormi kept on missing penalty corner opportunities also due to some excellent goalkeeping by White Hart’s custodian, Robert Vassallo Agius who definitely contributed to defying Qormi in increasing their score. On 53 minutes White Hart were awarded a penalty corner and from the resultant action David Agius prodded home from close range to reduce the arrears. This boosted White Hart’s expectations, and as the clock ran down both teams tried hard to increase their tally but the final whistle blew leaving Qormi Daikin 2-1 winners.


Qormi Daikin 6 – 0 Rabat Depiro

Rabat were struck cold and went two down in the first ten minutes, with Kyle Micallef reacting quickly to shoot Qormi ahead on 5 minutes after some good work down the wing. Juan Sarcia hit the second 5 minutes later in typical fashion, with a powerful drag-flick into the corner of the net.

This conditioned the rest of the encounter. Thomas De Giovanni grabbed their third goal with an unstoppable hit from the top of the D on 17 minutes, and from then on it was all Qormi as they played relaxed hockey pinning Rabat back into their D. On 22 minutes Keith Calleja hit a low, powerful shot into the backboard to send his team into a 4–0 lead which they held until the break.

In the second half Rabat came out of their defensive shell and counter-attacked down the flanks on several occasions, but on 63 minutes Calleja found himself in space at the top of the Dee, hitting a bullet of a shot into the net to send Qormi 5–0 up.

Two minutes from time Zachary De Giovanni pounced on a loose ball to increase Qormi’s tally to six, giving them a comfortable victory at the start of the league campaign.

Starting Lineups: S.Mifsud, J.Williams, A.Cauchi, G.Dimech, J.Sarcia, J.Cuschieri, Z.DeGiovanni, K.Calleja, T.DeGiovanni, K.Micallef, A.Falzon.
Subs: J.Farrugia, C.Gatt, K.Grixti, S.Dimech, J.Pace

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Qormi Daikin 2017 Challenge Cup Winners

A final which lived up to its billing. Both teams playing cagily in the first half with tight man to man marking denying space for any clear-cut chances to be created. In fact, it took 29 minutes for the first penalty corner to be awarded and Qormi did not avail themselves of the opportunity. On 30 minutes Hotsticks went into the lead when Chris Agius hit home from the left side of the D sending Hotsticks into a one goal lead which they maintained until the break.

Qormi started the second half in earnest, fluffing two penalty corner opportunities. On 46 minutes Juan Sarcia shot high into the net to grab Qormi’s equalizer as a result of a penalty corner action. Frayed nerves and tired limbs with the clock winding down meant that at this point the game was very evenly poised with Qormi exerting more pressure on the Hotsticks’ rearguard. On 57 minutes Thomas Degiovanni hit home to send Qormi into a 2 – 1 lead. On 67 minutes Martin Lust found the net to equalise for Hotsticks. The final whistle blew with the tie deadlocked at 2 – 2 sending the encounter into extra time.

Kyle Micallef sent Qormi into a 3-2 lead in the second minute of the first period of extra time, a lead which they held throughout the remaining five and a half minutes and all of the second period despite Hotsticks’ efforts to equalize. The final whistle blew with Qormi emerging as winners of the Challenge Cup 2017.

Starting Lineup:
S.Mifsud, J.Williams, G.Dimech, J.Aquilina, J.Sarcia, J.Cuschieri, Z.DeGiovanni, K.Calleja, T.DeGiovanni, K.Micallef, A.Falzon.

Subs: J.Farrugia, A.Cauchi, K.Grixti, S.Dimech, J.Pace

Join us next week as we take on Rabat Depiro in the first League game of the season at 9:00 a.m.!